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Empire Ranch

Empire Ranch Barn

Today we visited a wonderful old ranch just north of Sonoita, AZ called Empire Ranch.  If you ever get the chance you really should go yourself, it’s an amazing place – full of items used back in the day and you can just wander from room to room throughout the ranch buildings. The road is paved all the way to the ranch from Hwy 83. We have ridden past this at least twice on the bikes over the past 3 years so we felt very happy to have gone off the beaten path to visit the ranch. 

It has been a working ranch since 1876 throughout the lives of at least 2 families a mining company and the BLM.  It’s hard to believe how the items that are on display are still there!! You really just walk through the whole exhibit and there is nobody around to make sure nothing is ‘borrowed’. More proof that people are generally more good than bad. 🙂 Here are a few pictures but you really must visit yourself to see how wonderful it is.

We leave this area in a few days and overall we’ve seen much more than the past few years we’ve been in the area. The park we’ve been at for 3 weeks has been very good to us. Mountain View RV Park is just north of the Huachuca, AZ city limits – no frills but affordable. From here we head to New Mexico to explore that area for a week or so. Stay tuned!! 

Amerind Museum and Art Gallery

You WILL want to go to this place if you are in the area. Most of the RVer’s reading this will recognize the Texas Canyon area of Arizona. Heading east out of Benson you will come to a place that has all of these HUGE boulders and a very nice rest area in the Texas Canyon. Well, before you get to that rest area there is exit 318 for Dragoon – take it! About 1/4 mile down the road you will find the Amerind Museum.  

We just happened upon it while out driving around getting lost. Wow, what a wonderful place. We were there for a couple of hours and it was our lucky day because there just happened to be a Mata Ortiz pottery show and sale happening. This pottery is all formed by hand and then hand painted or scribed. It’s amazing work and Jay and I decided to buy a piece to celebrate Valentines Day and our 35 years together. 


This is the artist that did our pot. His name is Hector Javier Martinez – 

Along with the amazing pottery there are hundreds of Native American artifacts to view. The basketry was amazing! They also have a art gallery that had paintings, photographs and bronze sculptures. Seriously, if you are in the area you must visit this place, you won’t be disappointed. 

We are off today to find the Sandhill Cranes – we got some fun wildlife pics yesterday I will post later. 

3:10 to Yuma

We find ourselves in Yuma again. We were here 2 years ago and decided to land here again for 2 months. We are very happy we are here right now because it’s freezing and snowing at home which is challenging while living in a RV. It can be done but the electric bill is enormous just trying to stay warm and keep the inside of the RV dry so it’s best to be in the South lands. 

It’s always fun to see the Christmas lights in the RV parks – people who live in RV’s are pretty creative when decorating. Now days they have those laser lights that add a bit of psychedelic grooviness to the RV park. 

We’ve met some nice people to ride with and are again thinking about hitting Mexico – Peurto Penasco which is Baja Light. Stay tuned for that one. 🙂 

While out wandering we found this interesting and controversial bridge out near Mittry Lake. I knew the symbol had been used by others before Hitler so I had to find out the history behind this. Years ago I had purchased a rug for my office and while giving a client a treatment I was looking down and all of a sudden it dawned on me that I was looking at tiny swatsikas that were on the border of the rug. I had never noticed that before and was shocked to see it. The symbol has been around for many, many, many years and until Hitler stole it it had always had a good meaning. I’m not defending it by any means and can see why some in the area want it removed. 

Here is one of the articles I found on the Mystery of the Laguna Bridge.

For the RVers: We are at Fortuna De Oro RV park in Fortuna Hills. It’s got nice large sites and full hook-ups. You can even use your antenna here and pick up most t.v. stations which is nice for those of us who do not have satellite T.V. We always want to see the Seattle Seahawks games so if we can not get it on network T.V. we can go to the bar and watch as this park is full of Seahawks fans so they always show the game here. The grounds are nice and clean and the pools etc. are always clean as well. There’s a restaurant and bar on the grounds as well as plenty of pickle ball – tennis – shuffleboard courts and it has it’s own golf course as well. There is a small billiards room but it’s better than none. 🙂 There is also 2 laundry facilities – a small one and a very large one. 

We are loading up the bikes and heading up to Lake Havasu in the morning for a couple of days. There are some wildlife areas to visit and hopefully we will run into a few more RVer’s that I know via Facebook but have never met in person. 🙂

Well, while we were in Lake Havasu our newest grandchild, Benjamin, was born 3 weeks early! So now we are back in the Pacific Northwest until the 27th when we head back south. It’s been a whirlwind few months for sure!! 🙂 

Merry Christmas and a Happy Joyful New Year! 

We are so thankful for all of you and wish you good health and happiness always!!

Thanks for following along!



The Salton Sea

 We arrived here at The Fountain of Youth RV Resort on Thanksgiving day. Lucky for us we didn’t fit into the site they had picked for us so we got a prime site with a great view out of our back door. We’ve traveled through this area on the bikes but never stayed long enough to really poke around.  

For the RVers reading this – the RV park is nice. Large sites with great views and very, very quiet at night. No trains, planes or automobiles! They have a great billiards room with 8 tables, a store, a cafe and the laundry area was clean as well. The mineral pools are nice and clean and there are some great hikes in and around the park. 

One of the hikes we found had a very peaceful path that led us right to a Labyrinth that was a cool find. Someone here took a lot of time to build it so we walked it. It was a nice way to start the day! It also turned out to be a 2.2 miles jaunt through the desert and who does that without any water??? We do!!! I swear if we are ever prepared for anything it will be the end of times because no matter how hard we try…we just are not boy scouts!

As far as much to see around here…well that’s another story. I was hoping for more hikes in the neighboring hills but there really isn’t too much of that around this area. There are a couple of state parks nearby that we have gone to to try to photograph some of the migrating birds and we did one bike ride to Slab City and then to the other side of the Salton Sea to Borrego Springs that was pretty boring as far as riding goes. Another ride we did that we both enjoyed was going north to Mecca then taking Box Canyon Rd. up to Joshua Tree National Park and over to 29 Palms for lunch. That was a great ride! Hardly any traffic in the park and a nice twisty road. 🙂 Overall though it seems to be a nice place to just hang out and relax a while before heading on down the road again.

The Salton Sea is actually a big lake caused by a irrigation canal breaking in 1905. It’s high salinity kills most all of the fish in it and with the agricultural run off added to the mess it’s not somewhere you want to dip your toe in. Apparently it’s a huge migration path for thousands of birds though so we have tried to get a glimpse of a few. We have seen one of the owls at the RV park, apparently it is a family of owls and the female has her babies here. So far we have not seen a nest of little ones. 

We spent a few hours at the Salton Sea State Park looking for birds and found the usual suspects: pelicans and seagulls so we went down to the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge to see if we could spot a few more species. We were lucky to find a bit more variety and the hikes and grounds were fun to explore. If you are in the area be sure to do the refuge. 

We pack up and head out bright and early Thursday morning so this is it from the Salton Sea. If you want to see the rest of the pics from the area just click on one of the above photos. 



Here We Go Again

I had to start this whole blog over because I ran out of memory. I know..how does that happen!!?? I didn’t run out of memory (although some days I wonder) – the site I use ran out of memory. I’m still not sure how it all went down but in order to continue on I decided to just start over.  

We started this full time RVing adventure 3 years ago. Since then we have been living in the RV and traveling when the mood strikes. Due to some family commitments we spent quite a bit of time ‘living’ in the driveway and house/dog sitting as well. So a few weeks ago we decided to continue on with the original plan of traveling around the good old USA as much as we can while we can. 

For now we are heading to Yuma for the months of December and January and after our grandson makes his debut we will then keep on truckin’. I was really torn about leaving with a new little wee one due to arrive soon but I know I can get home easy enough and sitting around in the rain wasn’t really a great plan either.

We left Bow, WA on Sunday the 13th of November and we now find ourselves in the middle of an Orange field in Bakersfield, CA. We had a great visit with Jay’s aunt Jeanie and her partner Jack in Lake Shastina, CA. We hiked to a cinder cone that you could see in to and we drove out to see a wonderful waterfall at McArthur – Burney Falls State Park.  We also got creamed at shuffleboard in a tacky tavern called Papa’s in Weed, CA. 🙂 

So far the truck is running great and the RV is following along well. Tomorrow we get the bikes out and are off to see what we can find in the hills east of Bakersfield – we are excited to be back on the road and looking forward to what lies ahead. 

Be sure to click on the images. Stay tuned….

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